Sunday, November 22, 2015

Amway People: How do they contact you over phone

After a long time another AMWAY person called me yesterday, I thought about the blog and thought to update it.
Normally you will be enjoying your time, then suddenly my phone rings . unknown number , I pick up the call and some guy speaks " Hi Rakesh, This is ABCD, you do not know me. I am working in IT industry for more than 8 years and currently working in CISCO"(normally they will name a good MNC). Then they would tell about their college , normally they will tell IIT or IIM or NIIIT.(Any ways who will check their back ground, all this is done just to get the attention). Once they create an image of themselves as some body who has studied from good college and working in a reputed MNC, they will come to their actual stuff. " I am doing part time business, that gives me decent returns and I am planning t0 expand the business and looking for some partners, would you be intrested. I can not assure you anything now, but would let you know once we meet."All this just to make sure that they are no nonsense guy /lady and would be ready to share their business with me, even if they do not know me. How come on this earth some one ready to make me a partner in his/her business even if they do not know me. Where are his/her friends or family members?? That means none of his close ones are interested in his stupid ideas or they do not want to be fooled by him/her, and he/she is looking for some fools and they have selected me.
Once you are fooled and ready to meet them, you are half trapped. They will be ready to meet you at your place at your convenient time. Who on earth wants to make you partner in business and come to your place to meet for that. Ever any company comes to your house for interview at your own specific time. Some thing is fishy, you should have guessed.

How Amway works

After break me back, I have to edit my last post, but will do it soon. Here is another important stuff, how do Amway operates-:

Basically Amway works on commission basis and you get commission on the sales you do or the sales done by people under yourself. Generally the

Amway products are highly priced and if my calculations goes correct they are priced 3 times of the manufacturing costs, and the commission comes from these high costs to the customer.

So In Nutshell, it works on fooling people

Saturday, October 31, 2009

How do Amway people approach you

Normally Amway people are just like normal people just like you and me. You can find them anywhere so be careful.

There are basically two ways these people contact you--

1) Personal Contacting --Normally they are found in the places like shopping mall, books stores, music stores,restaurants etc, just say anywhere. These people are generally well-dressed, just to give an impression that they are genuine person, so that you don't hesitate to talk to them.

Only thing these people need is an opportunity to talk to you, once you speak to them, they will talk and just try to get your contact number.

2) Contacting by phone-- In this type of contacting these people will only need to get your contact(which may be thru personal contacting or thru any reference). These people will call and speak something like below

  • I am Mr XYZ and I have setup my business along with some of my colleagues or friends from some reputed companies or colleges (say IIT and IIM). Our business is doing very good currently and we are planning to expand their business and we need 2-3 very ambitious people. I would like to check your interest

What is Amway

Amway is the organisation created in America, which sells products all over the world.
They basically work in Network Marketing style or chain marketing, in which you asks your friends and other to join the team and buy the products which are very costly.